ICE tags/bands updated

As you all know, at High Wycombe CC we are serious about safety. Every time we cycle, for competition, fitness or recreation there is a remote chance that something unexpected and unwanted could happen, and having emergency, medical or contact information immediately to hand cannot only be beneficial, but ultimately save your life. If one of these unfortunate events should happen, we want first responders to have access to your IN CASE of EMERGENCY (ICE) contact and medical information as soon as possible. We also want fellow members to be able to get a message to anybody expecting you home to let them know what has happened and where they can find you. So, we have worked with the team at OneLifeiD to offer Club Branded HW CC ICE tags free of charge to members (with the option now to use this as a discount to a band or any other product) and which allows first responders to gain access to whatever information you think they need, including: Medical history, insurance details, next of kin or emergency contact or anything else you wish to disclose.

You will be provided with a set of 3 tags, each one third the size of a credit card which can be attached to bike, saddle pouch, clothing and/or keys. Added benefits are that you can attach the ICE Alert sticker to your helmet and set up an Online OneLife ID Profile and a Mobile Phone Emergency Screensaver for even greater visibility and the ability to store and access more

This system has now been changed so you will need a discount code from Phil Porteous (in order to facilitate the option to buy a different product with a discount) – these will be released on a first come/first served basis and are intended for those who did not take up the original free id tag option.

Here is a link to the original deal, but this is now updated – please contact Phil!