High Wycombe Cycling Club Espoirs was setup at the end of 2015, to act as youth specific training and coaching section. The group encompasses riders between 16 and 23 years old.  HWCC was the club that the international rider David Millar rode for, and giving younger riders dedicated coaches gives them the chance to become the best they can be. On this page you’ll find some more information about some of the riders and their aspirations.

Jimmy Austin

I’ve been riding with the club for just over 3 years.  I got into cycling after just looking for something to do in the summer of 2011. A year later after Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France, I thought I might make a go of it. I’ve done a mix of disciplines since starting, including the GHS junior time trials after only 6 months of riding and dabbled in road racing. Due to time commitments with A levels for the last 2 years I’ve been focusing on Time Trialling as this was easier to fit around studying. I’m currently at university in Leicester, so have a little more time to train this season. This year’s aim is to do a 23 minute 10 miles Time Trial and a Sub hour 25Mile TT. Also I would like to gain my 3rd CAT BC road licence.

Ollie Blagden

I started cycling just for fitness and to help with rowing. At the time, rowing was my main sport- winning national and international races. Sadly, cycling back from rowing I got hit off my bike, injuring my shoulder badly, meaning I couldn’t row. I then decided to take up cycling properly and it became my main sport. After a couple of years riding, with ups and downs (both metaphorically and physically), I got got really serious about it, and decided to start racing. At the start of 2015 I broke my hip twice, but nevertheless I entered the National TT Champs. With only a few weeks training leading up to it, I bagged 46th place, against the best in the country. I’m determined to do better!


I’m entering 2016 a lot stronger than last year, having spent the winter training with the pros in Australia. My aims include placing a lot higher in the National Championships, and also getting various results in road races and crits throughout the year.

Rob Walker

DOB: 25/09/1997
Nationality: British/Brazilian
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 68kg
Bikes: Planet X Nanolight, Ribble Ultra TT

I first started road cycling seriously in 2014 having come from a background of competitive swimming, joining HWCC in late 2014 to get experience of group riding before getting into racing, having not competed seriously in sport for a couple of years and yearning to get back to it.
2015 was a great season in terms of how much I learnt about training and racing with the support of the club, also winning the WLC Hill Climb and setting a new junior record in the HWCC Hill Climb.
This season my riding has become much more focussed with the establishment of the HWCC Espoirs group, with the main aims for 2016 being reaching 2nd Cat (having earned my 3rd Cat license over the Imperial Winter Series) as well as some TT’ing on the side and a successful Hill Climb season, culminating in the National Hill Climb in October.

Ollie Hucks

I got into cycling through my Dad’s interest in mountain biking. From the age of 7 I would join him on mountain bikes ride out and about in the Chiltern hills. Cycling was my main sport, well, until the birth of Strava… The competitive nature of smashing your own PB’s and trying to push for that KOM got me hooked. I rode regularly with the local village cycling group and that’s when my passion really began. A big motivation, for me, was to keep up with my dad on climbs, and eventually in 2012 I out sprinted him up a local climb. From then on I was just competing against my own personal bests.

I joined High Wycombe Cycling Club in late 2014 in time for the final club weekly chaingang rides with the finale being up Aston hill and then a sprint back to the club house in West Wycombe. The club has always made me feel very welcome and I ‘m always being challenged and pushing my PB’s every week. I regularly go on club runs due to the importance of longer rides to build up base fitness.

The Espoir setup in which we regularly go on group training rides and get lots of support and tips on how to get the most out of our training.

I started racing in late 2015 and managed to get 7th place in my first race, which I was very happy about

In 2016 I intend to try find my strengths and what I enjoy the most. So I’m going to do some Time trials, Road races and Criteriums. I would urge as many young people out there to get involved in cycling of any level, whether it be for basic fitness or to be the next British Tour de France champion.

I’m look forward to a great year with the club and hope there are many great things to come.

Sam Perfect

I got into cycling by just watching it off television, and thought that looks really good so got a bike and started riding not much but just slowing getting confidence up and then I joined High Wycombe CC and went out on club runs and chaingangs! I soon fell in love with doing it and I hope to think I have found and special talent , and hoping the gods gift of fast twitch fibres are going to do me well, my aims in cycling is to race a lot and my dream is to get a sponsorship and hoping it kicks off , I’m hoping to do a lot more track racing and training soon to build up bike handling skills and a lot of strength in the legs and get upper body strong!

Seb Garry

I am 16 years old and primarily a triathlete. My cycling career began after a 90 mile ride with my Dad on 2nd hand, 15 kg, £100 mountain bikes, I immediately fell in love with the sport and the opportunities and freedom that cycling offers. I have progressed quickly in triathlon and this year my goal race is the European Triathlon Championships. The majority of my races have a TT style bike leg so it is here where my main focus is in training. If you would like to further follow my exploits you can do so here http://www.sebgarry.com/

Emma Wood

I used to be a runner but had long-term injuries so took up cycling. It started with a couple of sportive, but what I loved most was group riding. So I joined HWCC last August to ride with others and get into racing.
Riding with the club has given me motivation to keep training while I’m away at boarding school. The advice from coaches has helped me to make goals and be more focused and efficient. Thanks to all the help I placed 6th in my first ever race. The Espoirs are fantastic group of young, talented cyclists and riding with them has brought out my competitive side. Training with people who are better than you is a great way to improve quickly.

– To do some road racing this summer and hopefully climb my way up the categories.
– Keep some sanity during my final IB exams at school.
– Continue cycling at university, when I start in the Autumn.

Billy Richards

I started cycling in the summer of 2014. I wanted to find an alternative to Rowing, which I had competed in for three years, so I decided to take up cycling. My main aims with cycling is too have a good time with close mates, to gain fitness and push myself every week. I hope to get back into cycling after running the 2016 London Marathon. I’m looking forward to getting back on club runs and the competitive side, like chaingang in the summer.